October 2020

צבי כהן-הצהרת אומן

ציור מתחיל עם טיוטה ורישום, מכאן מתפתח תהליך עד לגמר. אני נושא עמי תמיד פנקס רישום המכיל רישומים ושרבוטים שלרוב ממתינים בעוד שכמה אחרים מפעילים את הדמיון שלי והם המיושמים לכדי ציור. בדרך כלל אני מצייר בשמן על קנווס ולעיתים אקריליק ופחם על נייר או קרטון. אני מסתמך על הדמיון שלי או צילומים המשמשים דימויים. מקורות ההשפעה שלי מגיעים מהאומנות העכשווית ומתערוכות בארץ וברחבי עולם.

בעבודותיי מושכת אותי האינטראקציה בין אנשים, טבע ואמנות. התוכן או המסרים המשולבים בציור שלי, נועדו להיחשף ולהתקבל, להיקלט על ידי צופים. בעת הצגת הציור, אפשר לפרשו בדרכים שונות. אנשים מרקעים שונים יפרשו המסרים באופן שונה.

.כל עבודותיי אוריגינליות מקוריות, מוגנות זכויות יוצרים

Zvi Cohen – Artist Statement

In my painting process I don’t follow a specific pattern, though my paintings often begin with a draft, which then evolve to a vision which had not been predicted. I carry a sketchbook for drawings, most of which are left to rest, while some trigger my imagination and are followed in a painting. I mainly rely on my imagination or photos as mediums for inspiration.  Influences have also been born from art exhibitions worldwide. For my paintings I use oil and acrylic colors on canvas, cardboard or plywood as needed.

I am interested in the interaction between people, nature and art. The content or message revealed in my painting is received and interpreted differently by each viewer. This turns the painting into a point of INTERFACE with the artist. Paintings trigger the viewer’s imagination in order to reach a certain commonality with the painter’s vision.

Artist’s Biography

Zvi was born in Galatz, Romania in 1947. His parents immigrated to Israel in 1950 and he continues to live and work in Israel. The early years were hard for his family. Zvi’s childhood memories include living in a temporary tent camp in Rishon Le Zion, in a military tent for more than 2 years, going through floods, and being in an accident where he was burned at age 4 years old. For most of his childhood, Zvi played on the streets with immigrant kids from other countries with different languages and cultures. As an ORT technical high school graduate, he was recruited to the IDF in 1965 and served in the army until his retirement in 1990, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During his IDF service he graduated with an Electronics Engineer BSc from Ben Gurion University, Beer Sheva. Zvi continued to work for 25 years until the age of 67 at an electronics company as a marketing manager.

Artist’s Curriculum Vitae

Zvi had his first steps in art as a child in a tent camp where his mother taught him to paint with handmade brushes and simple colors. She also trained him in writing calligraphy. During his IDF service he started to study drawing and painting under Lev Shteinman in Tel Aviv. Upon Zvi’s retirement, he studied painting with Yafa Peled at the Bat Yam Arts College. He also studied drawing and painting in external courses at Betzalel, Jerusalem with painters Maia Israel and Meidad Eliahu. Currently, Zvi is studying at the Hacubia Art School in Jerusalem and has taken courses with artists Sigal Tzabary and Sagie Azulai.

His home has always been the site of his studio. While Zvi never gave up on his love for art and painting, he has had to juggle this passion with working and his commitments to his family including his wife, three children, eight grandchildren, and his late parents. When he didn’t have room for a studio, he used the living room. Zvi would work on his paintings during the night and leave the living room clean before going to office.

Zvi’s life was full of challenges which he had to overcome. As an army officer, he had to spend many days away from home but always had his pencil for drawing on any type of paper available. Business trips as a marketing manager allowed him to visit different countries, cultures and museums. Surrealistic painting was his first attraction, followed by abstract, conceptual and contemporary art. These collective influences provide him with the main influences on his paintings.

Every work presented herein is an original one of a kind and all are copy rights protected. For copying, printing, reproducing or using the paintings of Zvi Cohen, whether signed or not signed, it is required to contact Zvi Cohen and receive his written consent.

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